It was May 3, 1908. 15 men, driven by courage and strong social awareness, founded the "La Lavorazione del Legno" cooperative company. The main aim was to provide job opportunities to the students of the Scuola di Arti e Mestieri Alberghetti (Alberghetti School of Arts and Crafts). The dream of creating a company specialized in woodwork, capable of great skill and professionalism, soon became a firm reality.

This was the beginning of a long story that spanned the two World Wars with 3elle constantly in search of new development opportunities to establish itself as leader of large contracts of window and door frames in public and private building industry. Thanks to these unchanging targets, 3elle managed not only to survive periods of crisis in the past years, but it also became a leading company in the area of fastenings in Italy and abroad. For more than a century, the company has fully expressed its creativity, social awareness and production expertise.